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    VOICE FM Radio is Ballarat and our region’s independent non-profit community radio station.

    The broadcast reach of VOICE FM Radio extends from the Ballarat area into the Golden Plains, Pyrenees, Central Goldfields, and Grampians Shires.

    The people you live and work with are both the audience and the makers of community radio VOICE FM. We strive to represent our communities and provide opportunities for it to grow by encouraging debate, healthy attitudes, community connections, information, and new ideas.

    By staying “local and vocal” VOICE FM provides promotional support and media access for the community groups and individuals whose activities reflect the unique character of our region.


    VOICE FM Radio is growing our region by:

    • Maintaining a radio station of volunteers providing opportunities in the areas of education, current affairs and news, culturally diverse and indigenous programming, and sports
    • Involving and informing the community about local events and affairs
    • Stimulating interest through a wide variety of programming styles and tastes
    • Building a stronger sense of community
    • Offering genuine opportunity for community members to be involved in something unique
    • Providing a genuine alternative to mainstream entertainment
    • Raising public awareness and understanding about disadvantaged community residents of the Ballarat and Grampians region
    • Supporting the efforts of volunteer and emergency groups.

    By supporting our 99.9 VOICE FM you will strengthen awareness and recognition of your enterprise by directly reaching into the homes of listeners across our broad broadcast region.


    • Radio is targeted, allowing your message to be tailored to a specific audience.
    • Radio is the media that people spend the most time with each day.
    • Radio listeners are far less likely to ‘tune out’ radio announcements.
    • Radio is accessible and portable.
    • Radio is live and reflects its community. People listen to find out about news, traffic, entertainment and sport – and most importantly about what is happening in their backyard.
    • Radio offers targeted customer involvement at an affordable price.
    • Radio offers the most cost-effective means to repeat your message – and it is repetition that customers respond to.
    • Radio provides top-of-mind awareness, as well as listeners’ sense that they are hearing information and hearing referrals from a familiar voice.
    • Radio is immediate – with content produced and broadcast without the delays of other media.
    • Radio offers a link between its brand and its sponsors’ brand.


    The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) unveiled its latest listener numbers on the 2nd of September 2021 showing 31% of all radio listeners tune into community radio.

    The survey also revealed that 93%, or 4,697, 000 of these listeners highly valued the services they received from community radio.

    When asked why listeners tune in to community radio stations, the top reasons are:
    49%       listen for local information and/or news
    38%       like to hear music that is not available on other stations
    34%       like their local personalities / voices
    33%       because they support Australian or local musicians

    hairman of 99.9 Voice FM Ron Egeberg said; ‘Community radio provides invaluable programs and services that our listeners cannot get anywhere else. In regional areas, it is vital, and sometimes the only source of local information. It’s important for all community stations to get feedback on their programming so that they can continue to provide the services their listeners need.”


    There is no ‘typical’ VOICE FM listener – our audience extends from youth to mature adult, from pensioner to well-off, and across all cultural profiles.

    What our audience does share is an independent spirit, a discerning ear, and a strong identification with their regional community.

    VOICE FM’s brand of Local And Vocal firmly resonates with our audience, and as a proudly local enterprise, your brand will, too!

    VOICE FM is an opportunity to reach an audience that is fiercely loyal and keen to support those who are equally Local And Vocal.

    VOICE FM is an opportunity to connect with your customers, in their homes, in association with a known, trusted and loved community resource.

    Your partnership with VOICE FM will raise awareness of your enterprise and bring new customers to your door.


    VOICE FM Radio will work with you to develop a customised sponsorship package that addresses your needs and identifies the best placement and style for your sponsorship recognition.

    With VOICE FM, your call will be unique, authentic and aligned with your identity – never lost in a flurry of competing messages. 

    VOICE FM will work with you to construct a sponsorship package that fits with your budget and accommodates your timeline.


    Contact 0ur 99.9 Voice FM for more information:

    Studios and Office:
    Level 1, Barkly Square,
    25–39 Barkly St, Ballarat East VIC 3350

    Phone: (03) 5333 1201 

    Email: info@voicefm.org.au 

    Web: www.voicefm.org.au

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